In less than a week I will be 29 years old, and I feel my heart bursting with joy when I think of all the talented, caring, smart, and innovative people I have shared my life with up to this point. While I’m refering to musicians in this post, this feeling is not limited to the musically gifted. I can’t call each person a “friend,” since this word assumes a relationship between people that goes beyond social interactions at parties, conversations during intermission, or professional interactions, but “acquaintence” seems to fall short of some lasting impressions.

Over pizza and salad before an evening rehearsal I heard praises sung for a girl I only knew in passing — through other mutual friends. They said she was the most impressive new talent. Another, drew inspiration from her pursuit of balance between her career and mind/body. I’m excited for the launch of “The World of the String Quartet” on Coursea and performances by Curtis-trained musicians.

Just yesterday I learned that the newly-appointed assistant conductor for the New York Philharmonic is a highly-deserving and hard-working friend who — I’m shocked to say — I’ve known for just shy of a decade.

Then, of course, there’s my best friend and my great love who amazes me every day as he achieves things I can only dream of.


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