beyond the score

I may have already posted about this program, created and offered by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, but it is worth another mention since I just found many of them uploaded to YouTube. I adore these adult-education programs, and I have heard similar approval from musicians and non-musicians alike.

My first experience with Beyond the Score was in April 2010 when I got to attend The Rite of Spring event at the Kimmel Center’s Verizon Hall. Charles Dutoit conducted excerpts and examples from the work as they were referenced by actors and folk musicians in a narrative presentation. Spoken word, song, folk melodies, photos of costumes and people from ethnomusicological records projected on screens above the orchestra, and excerpts taken directly from Stravinsky’s compositions were combined into a thrilling presentation that lasted approximately 1 hour. To conclude the Beyond the Score program, we heard the entire, uninterrupted Rite of Spring. I cannot emphasize enough how exciting and enlightening this event was!

I have tickets to see The Philadelphia Orchestra perform The Rite of Spring again, under a different baton, on a program that also includes Ginestera’s Variaciones concertantes, and the ever-popular Prokofiev Symphony No. 1 (“Classical”). Can’t wait 🙂

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